The spine is your Life Line! It protects and houses the central nervous system. It allows you to move. These two key roles define chiropractic. If you move better (balanced spine) you will function better (more protection=less stress on the CNS). Simple!

We do not offer you any drugs or surgery to do this! Here’s why:

“Sickness” doesn’t exist as an entity! It is the absence of Health!

This is precisely the same as coldness being the absence of heat and darkness being the absence of light!

Looking to treat sickness with drugs and surgery makes no sense and has no positive effect on health. Health isn’t the absense of signs and symptoms which drugs or surgery may have an effect on. Health is your body’s internal chemistry (cell physiology) being in perfect balance or homeostasis. This is achieved by Spiritual/Chemical and Physical well-being.

Finding out what provides more heat and light is analogous to finding out what makes the body healthy.

When you open the door of a dark room does darkness rush out or does light rush in?