At Teneriffe Chiropractic we are focused on providing quality, affordable chiropractic care. This is achieved by using modern technology and less time intensive management systems allowing us to offer better value.

Everyone needs to make an initial exam to become a client of Teneriffe Chiropractic.

To make an appointment please call, email or text the practice with your full name, email address and mobile phone number. Details are in the contact us section of the website.

If there is no immediate response, please leave a message, because we will be very aware of your intention to make contact with us and we will get back to you very quickly. All incoming contact is synced to the main management system.

Once you have had your initial consultation and report of findings, you have two options.

1/ A pre-paid account allows you to have a regular adjustment time on a particular day of the week, depending on the agreed schedule of care you need (discussed at your report visit and re-examinations). This type of adjustment is for people who are serious about spinal correction and long term well being.

These accounts are care packages of adjustments for as little as $45/adjustment. I am only seeing one client every 15 minutes so this is exceptional value. You can pay your account via Eftpos/Credit Card when you are in for your report of findings. You will also receive a thorough procedures tour so you will feel clear on how we work.

Hicaps can be accessed at the completion of your care package by sending in our official invoice to your provider. They will then reimburse you the appropriate amount for your cover.

2/ Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) using our hicaps and eftpos/credit card facilities each time you visit.

The fee for this type of visit is $65 and the time to generate payment is within the 15 minute adjustment time.

There are also other appointment types offered but you will become familiar with these after your initial orientation period.

Thank you for visiting our website. The systems we offer are all about efficiency and cost effectiveness. You can spend longer with an experienced chiropractor for an exceptional rate.